IMBOK - The book


The IMBOK originated from research work undertaken in a partnership between universities in the Western Cape in South Africa, starting in 2002 and continuing to the present day.

The first version of the IMBOK Handbook was available as a web download and was accessed more than 3,000 times. In January 2015, a completely revised and extended version of the handbook was published by Springer. This book has been adopted as a standard course text in Europe, North America and in South Africa. It includes much additional material and examples of research relating to the several domains of the IMBOK; it also includes information about the use of the IMBOK as the basis of a survey and analysis tool.

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In his retirement, Andy Bytheway is associated with the Department of Computer Science at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), in South Africa. The UWC Department of Computer Science has been ranked the most productive in terms of research outputs and its students have recently won international competitions in network design and managment. Over the last 16 years, working first as Professor of Information Systems and then Professor of Information Management, Andy has developed and tested the IMBOK in different contexts. Prior to 1998 he was a Research Fellow at the Cranfield School of Management in the UK. He has led international work on standards for information systems engineering, and he has authored more than 100 practitioner and academic reports and papers; this is his fourth book.