Tools and techniques

The other parts of this web provide an introduction to the ten components of the IMBOK, but the question must arise: how can these ideas be put into action? What models are there that allow an organisation to manage the variety of systems, and processes, and (perhaps most importantly) the benefits that are desired?

Dealing with the variety of applications

Why do we try to apply the same standards to all applications, even when we know that they are different? How can we distiguish between those differences?
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Dealing with the variety of information

Once upon a time information was seen simply as data. Today there is such significance in different kinds of information, and so many sources that are so easy to get at, we need a way of distinguishing one kind from another.
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Dealing with the variety of desired benefits

Research has revealed that organisations find it unaccountably difficult to manage the benefits of their IT and IS investments. We talk about the benefits of an new investment, and then completely fail to monitor and assure their delivery.
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Recognising the difference between programme and project management

As the scope of IT and IS project extends - even to embrace business partners and customer - traditional project management is inadequate to ensure success. In fact, IS and IT project management has been repeatedly found to run over the schedule and over the budget. Programme management is one way of separating out the risks and the management problems
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The IMBOK book has more than 60 figures that detail these and other ideas, that will all assist you to harvest the benefits of your IT and IS investments.